Engaging the community

On October 16, six Lunenburg residents met to discuss how the Lunenburg Public School district can more effectively engage the community.  We spent 2 hours discussing what we ultimately want to achieve, how to get there and what next steps we need to take.


  • Increase awareness and knowledge of District initiatives and activities for all Lunenburg residents
  • Increase reach within the community to improve overall perception of the District’s value to the community
  • Ensure parents receive timely, relevant, consistent and accurate communications about students and schools
  • Improve overall processes to reduce duplicate efforts and increase effectiveness

How can we achieve these goals?  I believe firmly that the Lunenburg Public Schools need to embrace 21st approaches to interact with the Lunenburg residents.  This means:

  • We must adopt preference based communications:  Residents should tell us how they want to hear from the schools. The District should provide as many communication vehicles as possible to ensure we are reaching the residents – print media, email, facebook, twitter, television, meetings, sporting events, other live events etc..  The schools should not arbitrarily decide what communication vehicle to use. They need to offer the parents a choice.   They should even offer a choice to “opt-out” of all communications.   Think about your bank…Banks largely offer you a choice:  do you want to get your statements online? in an email? on paper?   Why should schools treat their customers any differently?
  •  and websites:  Like it or not, , twitter and other social media platforms are here to stay.  Embrace it or be left in the dust…People have become accustomed to a top quality .  As consumer we expect to be able to use google to find what we need.  When we arrive at a website, we expect the information on that website to be customized to our needs.  This expectation is being carried over to the .
  • Online access and management of personal information:  I cannot think of the last time I had to fill out a paper form to register for something….actually, I can!  It was for school just a few weeks ago.  If I open a bank account, apply for a mortgage,  get a car insurance quote or generally want to use any service, there is invariably a website where I securely enter information as part of the application process.  If I move, I am responsible for updating this information myself.  This is not just a question ease of use but also of efficiency.  There is zero reason in today’s interconnected, instrumented world to have to duplicate data entry by filling out a paper form only to have another person enter the data into a system.

These are some of the initial ideas about how Lunenburg Public Schools could better reach and engage residents.  Contact me to find out how to get involved!