It is funny to me watching educators and and administrators debate how to best “teach” technology to their students at all levels, from kindergarten to senior year in . I often joke that if non-computer savvy people want to learn about computers or technology, they just need ask a 4-5 year old!

I was reminded of this by my 6 year old who grabbed and began learning on the app. No one taught her how to use technology. She just gets it and frankly, she does not think about the fact that she is using technology to learn. It is just another one of the arrows in the quiver.

As we think about teaching technology in schools who are we really teaching? Who is the student and who is the master? by Dell Inc indicates teachers believe students are more tech savvy than they are. Additionally respondents indicate that training focuses more on education practices and technology versus integrating technology into the curriculum.

I do not believe there is a debate about including technology in school. I believe the question is this: How can educators include technology in a seamless manner to facilitate the learning process?

Like it or not, there is a . Kids today have grown up with technology while many of the teachers discovered computers later in life. I relate this to learning a language…When you grow up in Germany speaking German it is second nature. If you decide to learn German when you are 30, you will never reach the same proficiency level.

So how do we overcome this digital divide?

  • Mandate technology proficiency in all new hires: Define the competencies desired and ensure all new teachers can demonstrate them.
  • Train existing teachers: Ensure there is a process for continuous improvement with formalized training for all teachers to reach a defined level of competency. Hire an “expert” to train. The key here is to focus on how to incorporate technology in the learning process.

What if educators and administrators could take advantage of the existing proficiency within their schools? Could a 6 year be the answer to closing the gap?

Let me know your thoughts!