My Policy on Posting

I allow anonymous posts because I believe it is important to hear as many voices as possible, and I understand that sometimes parents, teachers, and/or community members do not feel comfortable identifying themselves. I do not censor posts, and I do not promise to respond to everything written by others. I do read all posts prior to posting them to avoid inappropriate language. I also will not post any entry identifying district staff/teachers by name.  District employees may not feel comfortable responding to these types of comments on a public blog, and it is therefore not fair to comment on individuals.  In order for us all to have a productive and constructive conversation I ask that all participants refrain from making any comments they would not feel comfortable saying face to face.

Finally, to set the appropriate expectations I cannot and will not engage in an online deliberation of school committee business which could be construed as any violation of the .   In this case, I will likely suggest posters contact all school committee members to request a formal agenda item.

Please consider this request before posting.

One thought on “My Policy on Posting

  1. said:

Fantastic! Great idea – kudos to you for taking the initiative to openly share ideas like this. Looking forward to some productive conversation.

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